Assima Atlantic Link

Collaborate to Create


Assima Atlantic Link (AAL) enables Flash based interactive eLearning lessons to be created rapidly using a trio of components called Content Point, Capture Point and Knowledge Point.

These components provide companies and individuals with huge productivity boosts and the freedom to collaborate from anywhere they are inspired.

What is Atlantic Link used for?

Use Assima Atlantic Link to create stunning eLearning courses, wherever you are, and do so in hours instead of weeks using our simple `Drag and Drop` methodology. 

From Policies & Procedures and Call Center training to surveys and quizzes, AAL is versatile enough to create any kind of eLearning content, making it the eLearning solution of choice for many!

How does it work?

Course developers log in to a central server through Content Point using Web Services. Developers then can easily and quickly build courses collaboratively, import PowerPoint slides, Capture Point slides for systems training, link to documents and web pages, and include images, movies, quizzes, and more. Build custom templates to simplify the development even more to deliver fast, consistent, professional and interactive courses.

Who uses Atlantic Link?

Atlantic Link is used by many organizations across the globe, including Accenture, E.on, Next and parts of the NHS. In most cases, companies use multiple versions of Atlantic Link simultaneously to take advantage of the solution's collaboration features.

Is Atlantic Link offered as Saas?

Yes, Atlantic Link is now offered in a SaaS* model, providing even more ways to access collaborative rapid eLearning when you want and the way you want it. With our SaaS, you have access to full deployments of Atlantic Link applications offered at a low monthly cost without the capital investments involved in licensing.
*SaaS availability differs by region

Asset Library

Atlantic Link Asset Library

An extensive library of Assets can be accessed freely. These pre-built customizable rapid learning assets can be incorporated into lessons to add interactivity, fun and engagement to the courses. See examples of how our Flash Assets add interactivity, fun and engagement to Assima Atlantic Link rapid eLearning courses.

Click here to visit our Asset Library